Can You Order Boudreaux’s for Delivery?


Boudreaux’s is a family restaurant based in Daphne, Alabama. It was started by brothers Aaron and Matt Brant. For the food served at Boudreaux’s, the brothers took inspiration from Cajun, Creole and Acadian cultures. Boudreaux’s is highly rated–it has won two Diners’ Choice awards, a Trip Advisor award and several Nappie awards. It is also currently in the running for Best in Baldwin County!

No matter what item you decide to try from the menu at Boudreaux’s, you will not be disappointed!

Can You Order Boudreaux’s for Delivery?

Let’s face it. Sometimes, life gets in the way and you don’t have enough time to cook. Or, you might feel like treating yourself to a nice meal from a restaurant. However, you might not feel like actually going to the restaurant and may opt for a delivery option. The convenience of delivery is unmatched. So, you might be wondering: can I order Boudreaux’s for delivery? Unfortunately, Boudreaux’s does not do delivery at the moment. Regardless, there are a number of menu options available to satisfy your hunger.

The Menu

The menu at Boudreaux’s is split into many categories so that you can easily find what you are looking for. The first section features drinks. Boudreaux’s has a wide selection of these, which are perfect for whatever the occasion might be. The next section features soups and salads. Most of these contain seafood, as this is what Boudreaux’s is known for. However, if you’re not really feeling the seafood, there is the Black and Bleu salad, which features steak tips. The next section in the menu is full of their cajun specialties. All of these items come with a side salad. If a side salad isn’t your thing, then you can replace it with a cup of soup or red beans. You also have the option of adding New Orleans style French bread for 1 dollar. The menu also features a number of pastas. The most popular one is the Mardi Gras pasta. It consists of angel hair pasta in a parmesan sauce with crawfish tails, red peppers, onions, mushrooms and artichoke hearts..

Fish Options

Since seafood is what this restaurant is mainly known for, it wouldn’t make sense not to give this part of the menu its own section. Boudreaux’s serves all kinds of fish, ranging anywhere from catfish to salmon. The side options for any of the dishes with fish are the same as the side options for the cajun specialties.


Desserts are a requirement for finishing off any good meal. Luckily, Boudreaux’s has several for you and your loved ones to choose from. The most popular are beignets, which are comparable to donuts. They are super popular in New Orleans!

Next time that you are in the Daphne area, be sure to try Boudreaux’s award-winning cuisine and be sure to enjoy the amazing sunsets on Mobile Bay from the newly renovated deck! You can visit to learn more.