Best Food and Drink Pairings at Boudreaux’s

Best Food and Drink Pairings at Boudreaux's

Ordering food on the Gulf Coast is an experience like no other. The delicious tastes of the South are unbeatable, and Boudreaux’s does it best! We offer a delicious array of Cajun-inspired dishes from delicious seafood to plates of pasta that you’ll wish you had the recipe for. When dining at Boudreaux’s you have the option between both incredible and hearty dishes and refreshing beverages that pair perfectly with your meal. While you certainly cannot go wrong with what you choose, we have compiled some of the best food and drink pairings for your next visit, just in case you’re indecisive or want to try something new!

Chicken Alfredeaux & Southern Belle

Starting with something simple and classic, our creamy, rich Chicken Alfredeaux pairs perfectly with our delicious Southern Belle. Our Southern Belle is made with passion fruit and blood orange vodkas, elderflower liqueur and citrus. The combination of buttery, cheesy pasta with a deliciously fruity and citrus-flavored drink is the perfect mix.

Boudreaux’s Seafood Platter & Cajun Bloody Mary

For a more bold and daring combination, our seafood platter pairs perfectly with our spicy, Cajun Bloody Mary. Your dish will contain shrimp, crawfish tails, catfish and crawfish cake, and your drink is made with our spicy bloody mary mix, fresh citrus and clam juices, vodka, spiced veggies and a seasoned rim. This daring combination of fresh seafood, with the spices of our bold Bloody Mary, accentuates each flavor and calls for an exciting dining experience. Do you think you’re ready for this delicious endeavor?

Fried Shrimp & Front Porch Nectar

A drink like our Front Porch Nectar begs to be paired with a deliciously savory and salty meal. This drink is made with berry vodka, agave nectar, fresh citrus juices and blackberries. It is also topped with a splash of stone IPA and pairs perfectly with our crispy, fried shrimp. A side of seasoned fries and coleslaw makes this meal complete.

Hand-Cut Steak & Hurricane

Nothing pairs better with our delicious take on the Hurricane like our delicious hand-cut steaks. Our version of this drink is made with gold & dark rums, passion fruit, blood orange & more. Choose between a sirloin, ribeye or filet mignon; then, we suggest that you add a side of mashed potatoes, braised collards & a salad for a delicious pairing that will keep you full and satisfied.

No matter what you choose from our menu, our options are curated with Cajun inspirations that are sure to impress. Try one of our pairings above or create your perfect duo. We hope you’ll visit us soon!