What Defines Cajun Food?


If you find yourself wondering what makes the good food you eat so special, then you most likely refer to yourself as a foodie. Foodies are no experts, but they will tell you they are happy to continue to learn more about food, culture and are often inspired to try new foods by the famous dishes surrounding good eats. Cajun food, for example, is not quite as easy to find as you would find in your typical American joint, so it is helpful to search for “cajun food near me”, and not miss the opportunity to try it when possible.

Let us dive into the world of cajun cuisine and learn what truly defines it! 

Back to the origins

It would not feel right to talk about what defines Cajun food without going back to its origins. Acadian/French settlers from Canada came to the U.S. to escape as immigrants during the 18th century. From there, the French made good use out of the sources of food they could find in the South, mainly derived from water. As they learned to adapt to the new norm, many settled in Louisiana which is known as the heart and soul of Cajun cuisine. 

Comfort food at its best 

You will often hear the term “comfort food” when one refers to Cajun food. Though the French did not necessarily feel right at home when arriving, they found what they could and made dishes that made them feel like they were. Having to adjust to a new way of living and cooking only made them discover what would now be famous dishes that are shared nationwide. Cajun restaurants now serve comfort meals such as jambalaya, gumbo, shrimp boil, amongst other delicacies that make your mouth water. 

Kick of spice and everything nice 

No cajun food makes the cut without adding a kick of spice and everything nice. Bell peppers and other hot peppers are used in many dishes, but it is the mixture of actual spice rubs that are blended together to add flavor to bases, broths and broils. Cajun seasoning is now sold in stores and can be added to almost any poultry, vegetable or used in sauces. For true authentic cajun food that uses its own in-house cajun seasoning, try going to a Cajun restaurant in Louisiana or find “cajun food near me”, for a true cajun style experience. 

Seafood lovers rejoice

It is no secret that Cajun food is mainly based on seafood. After all, Acadians were fond of the fresh seafood they found in the surrounding land against the Eastern shores that provided them with only the richest protein as they maintained it as a lifestyle. Cajun-style restaurants in the South are known for their daily catch of the day offering a variety of year-round seafood right from the bay. 

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