What Are Some of Our Vegetarian Options?

What Are Some of Our Vegetarian Options?

At Boudreaux’s, we aim to provide the best dining experience on the Eastern Shore to everyone, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. If you’re planning a visit, we have you covered with numerous options on our menu!

Signature Cocktails

Start your experience at Boudreaux’s with one of our flavorful signature cocktails. If you’re craving something fresh, try our Southern Belle, made with passion fruit and blood orange Vodkas and mixed with elderflower liqueur for a kick. For a spin on the classic Arnold Palmer, try our Bayou Iced Tea: a mix of bourbon, lemonade and iced tea made with pure cane sugar. Finally, if you’re feeling adventurous, order our spicy Cajun Bloody Mary, or our famous Swamp Water, which is a mix of 6 different liquors and juices!


You can customize our wide variety of salads by ordering without the meat. Choose from options like our Shrimp Salad, which features a fresh harvest mix tossed with toasted almonds and our Creole citrus vinaigrette. Alternatively, you can try our Salmon Salad, a luxurious spinach salad dressed in a balsamic reduction with sprinkled candied pecans and dried cranberries.


At Boudreaux’s, we’re proud of our New Orleans-style pasta, served with a side salad and hot, toasted New Orleans French bread for just a dollar. Again, you can customize these kinds of pasta by ordering without the meats  like tasso or chicken. Come try out our Mardi Gras Pasta, chock-full of vegetables in a rich Parmesan cream sauce. Keeping with the theme, our Frenchmen Street Pasta is another great option, featuring our spicy Vodka sauce, mushrooms and zucchini, all topped with fresh green onions. Last, but certainly not least, consider our Voodoo Pasta, a filling meal of farfalle pasta, spinach and mushrooms, tossed in our spicy Voodoo cream sauce.


Why not finish off your meal with our sweet treats? These delicious desserts are made with love from scratch, in-house. Order our mouthwatering fried beignets dusted with airy powdered sugar for a Creole classic. For a more decadent dessert, try our Brownies a la Mode, a chocolatey dream, topped with luxurious ice cream. Finally, for the 21 and older crowd, give our Nutty Chockay a try! This complex, nutty delight is made from 4 different liquors, classic Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream and tiny chocolate nuggets, to top it off!

Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill welcomes all of our diners, no matter their dietary restrictions and preferences. Visit us at 29249 US Hwy 98 in Daphne, and experience the best that Cajun dining has to offer!