Choosing the Right Cocktails for Different Celebrations

choosing right cocktails for different celebrations

Most folks know about pairing the perfect wine with a dish, but what about ordering the right cocktail for your celebration? Offering a signature cocktail for a special occasion is all the rage and our mixologists are happy to help with that. After all, our handcrafted cocktails can turn any occasion into a spectacular and memorable event. Go for it and pair your celebration with the perfect handcrafted cocktail when you’re at Boudreaux’s.

Toasting the bride at a bachelorette party? Order our Southern Belle, made with passion fruit and blood orange vodkas, elderflower liqueur and citrus. It’s a light, refreshing drink that mixes to a beautiful blush shade. It’s not too sweet or strong, just pure perfection. 

Most people ring in the New Year with champagne, and we are no different. We just add a splash of orange juice to make it a delicious mimosa for our New Year’s Day Brunch. After all, you may need that OJ kick. 

For Mardi Gras, kick back with the King Cake Martini! It’s a seasonal favorite. We decorate the glass rim with purple, green and gold sugar. Perfect for your Fat Tuesday celebration!

Any celebration in the summertime deserves a good ole’ sweet tea. Nothing tastes better on a hot day. We make our Bayou Iced Tea with bourbon, lemonade and pure cane sugar, just like Grandma made. Enjoy it while sitting on our porch watching the sunset.

Choose a frozen drink to celebrate the Fourth of July! A Bushwhacker always makes an excellent choice. Ours is made with light rum, dark chocolate & coffee liqueurs, creme of coconut and delicious Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. A great way to celebrate America!

The Cajun Bloody Mary at Boudreaux’s makes a perfect “Sunday morning coming down” brunch drink. We start with the superb blend of spices in our own Bloody Mary mix, then add fresh citrus and clam juices, vodka, spiced veggies and a seasoned rim. 

Christmas offers a plethora of opportunities for an insanely delicious and festive cocktail. A Poinsettia made with sparkling wine and cranberry juice brings the cheer to the holiday. There are more creative choices as well. Switch the sparkling wine with vodka and add Cointreau for a festive Christmas Martini. Or ask for eggnog with your favorite spirits.

There are some basic rules that apply for seasonal cocktails. In the sweet summertime, for example, drinks can be made with fresh fruit for a light, refreshing choice. Our Front Porch Nectar fits the bill here. It’s made with berry vodka, agave nectar, fresh citrus juices and blackberries, then topped with a splash of Stone IPA. 

For a few weeks out of the year, we actually experience winter. During those days, order a cocktail made with spices like cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Our brains identify those rich flavors with winter for a reason. Our Spiced Apple Martini is an infusion that perfectly illustrates why we find it so warm and comforting. 

What’s your favorite drink for a special celebration? We’ll mix it up for you!