Sundays are for Brunch at Boudreaux’s

Sundays are for Brunch at Boudreaux’s

Picture the perfect, serene Sunday morning, complete with a good old cup of joe, beautiful views of the Bay and New Orleans Jazz music playing overhead. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery and delicious brunch at Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill.

It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere

When living on the Bay, it’s never too early to enjoy one of our signature cocktails. Boudreaux’s founder’s background in mixology has paved the way for some creative specialties. For our fruit and vodka lovers, the Southern Belle and Front Porch Nectar are two drinks bursting with citrus flavor. You’ll be picturing yourself sitting under an umbrella on the beach with our classic Bushwakers. Even the folks down in New Orleans will be jealous when you try our take on the famous Hurricane from Bourbon Street.

Small Plates and Appetizers

Your taste buds will be cheering as the bites keep coming from our cajun inspired appetizers. With food made from the best Cajun and Creole recipes, we offer plates with classic food like Crawfish tails and boudin cakes. Our Swamp Cakes, fried boudin cakes topped with crab and spinach cream sauce, will leave you ready to take on our entrees. For our gluten-sensitive guests, we have our gluten-free Blackened Gator and gluten-free Cajun Cheese Fries available.

Healthy Options

For our health-conscious green lovers, our soup and salad options do not sacrifice on flavor! We offer salads with a harvest, spinach or romaine bed of lettuce and options of shrimp, salmon, chicken or steak for protein. Our Bayou Gumbo is a Creole meal that gets more and more delicious with each bite. If you’re craving a creamy soup, you can never go wrong with our Crab & Spinach Bisque.

Boudreaux’s Specialties

For the main event, our Sunday brunch favorites are jaw-dropping and delicious! Boudreaux’s menu was developed with a heavy influence from Creole, Cajun and Acadian dishes mixed with a fine dining atmosphere. This combination led to the creation of Boudreaux’s cajun specialties, New Orlean’s style pastas, Po Boys, seafood and more. Toasted New Orleans French Bread is also available to be added to any meal for just a dollar.

Finish Off Brunch with Something Special

Treat yourself at Sunday brunch to finish off the weekend strong. For all of our sweet tooth lovers, our desserts include New Orleans famous beignets, which are a staple across all cajun and Big Easy inspired restaurants. Our gluten free – chockay brownies and Nutty Chockay are for the adventurous chocolate lovers looking for the perfect sweet to end their meal. Boudreaux’s also caters to the traditional dessert tastes with our key lime pie and bananas foster bread pudding.

For your next Sunday brunch with friends and family, visit us at Boudreaux’s for the best views and the best Cajun and Creole cooking in the Gulf Coast! To make a reservation, visit our website at We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!