What to order at a seafood restaurant if you don’t eat seafood

What to order at a seafood restaurant if you don't eat seafood

If you don’t eat seafood, going to a seafood restaurant probably isn’t your number one choice, but you shouldn’t write them off completely. Just because seafood is the primary dish of choice, doesn’t mean you won’t find other tasty offerings on the menu

Here are a few ideas for what to order at a seafood restaurant if you don’t eat seafood. 


Salad is usually a safe choice for someone who doesn’t eat seafood when at a seafood restaurant. At Boudreaux’s, we have delightfully crisp salads with plenty of protein to fill you up should you choose that as your main dish. Some of our salad options without seafood include: 

  • Farmhouse Salad – Grilled chicken breast, corn macque choux, Conecuh bacon and tomatoes over iceberg and romaine mix with creamy basil dressing
  • Black & Bleu Salad – Blackened steak tips, bleu cheese crumbles, Conecuh bacon and tomatoes over iceberg, romaine and spinach mix with bleu cheese dressing


Pasta Dishes

Pasta is quite popular at seafood restaurants and you will usually find numerous options to choose from. At Boudreaux’s, we have several non-seafood pasta options to choose from including: 

  • Chicken Alfredeaux – Grilled or blackened chicken breast over creamy bow tie pasta 
  • Voodoo Pasta – Bow-tie pasta tossed with spicy voodoo cream sauce, tasso, spinach and mushrooms topped with diced blackened chicken breast
  • Frenchmen Street Pasta – Angel hair pasta tossed with spicy vodka sauce, and mushrooms, topped with blackened steak tips, zucchini & green onion



If you don’t eat seafood but do enjoy steak, you’re in luck. Often seafood restaurants will have some of the best steaks around. At Boudreaux’s, our hand-cut steaks are served with mashed potatoes, braised collards and a side salad. You can choose from: 

  • 7 oz or 10 oz Wagyu Sirloin 
  • 12 oz Ribeye 
  • 8 oz Filet Mignon



Burgers are a great choice for those who don’t eat seafood. Our ½ lb patties are topped with lettuce, red onion, roasted tomato and aioli on a toasted bun and are served with seasoned fries. The burger options we have at Boudreaux’s include: 

  • The Original 
  • The Black & Bleu
  • The Gouda & Conecuh Bacon Burger


Chicken and Pork Based Entrees

Surprisingly, most seafood restaurants have some pretty spectacular non-seafood meat entree options on their menu for you to try. A few of our favorite non-seafood meat-based entrees from Boudreaux’s include:

  • Plaquemine Parmigiana – Fried boneless chicken thighs topped with spicy vodka sauce and parmesan with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables
  • Chicken Madeleine – Grilled chicken breast topped with spinach madeleine, Conecuh bacon and Monterey jack with mashed potatoes
  • Bone-In Pork Chop – Bourbon-cane syrup glazed center-cut chop with gouda grit cakes & braised collards


We have plenty of options for those who aren’t in the mood or seafood. Make a reservation for a dining experience like no other in the Gulf Coast area.