What are some of our favorite Cajun Dishes?

favorite cajun dishes

With a beautiful view and delectable food, Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill offers a truly memorable Gulf Coast dining experience! Here, we aim to capture the spirit of Cajun and Creole food, cooked with love and care. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite Cajun dishes that you have to try!

Drinks with a Kick

To start your meal off with a bang, try ordering one of our Cajun-style signature cocktails! Our Cajun Bloody Mary is just what it sounds like: a Bloody Mary with a delightful twist. Adorned with a seasoned rim and spiced veggies, our special spicy Bloody Mary Mix paired with citrus and clam juice is sure to please you! For a taste of Bourbon Street, try our Hurricane cocktail: gold and dark rums accented with passion fruit and blood orange flavors. Finally, for our classic Southerners, look no further than our Bayou Iced Tea, a lovely mix of bourbon, lemonade and iced tea made with pure cane sugar!

Cajun Appetizers

Do you want to be transported to good old New Orleans? Our Stuffed Pistolettes are sure to hit the spot! These New Orleans French Rolls are stuffed with crawfish macque choux, complementing our signature Bayou Sauce perfectly. For our crawfish lovers, try our Kickin’ Crawfish tossed in Zydeco Sauce and served with coleslaw. We also make corn macque choux, which is in our Boudreaux’s Egg Rolls alongside blackened chicken, cheese and a hearty Cajun court bouillon. Finally, for those looking to keep it simple, our Cajun Cheese Fries are perfect. These seasoned fries pack a punch and are topped with both Tasso bits and Tasso cheese sauce!

Our Cajun Specialties

We could talk forever about the thought and care put into every single one of our Cajun dishes, but here are just a few highlights of our favorite entrees! Our Crawfish Étouffée includes both sauteed crawfish tails and fried crawfish, injecting it with even more Cajun flavor. For our seafood enthusiasts, you’ll love our Crawfish Cakes, where we’ve incorporated Lump crab meat, Bayou Sauce, fried green tomatoes and a refreshing coleslaw into the dish. Last but not least, our Shrimp Creole blends the hearty flavors of shrimp and the complexity of our Spicy Creole Tomato Sauce to create a comforting, warm meal that’ll taste like home! Our signature sides, such as braised greens, extra grit cakes or a classic red beans & rice dish, complement these entrees wonderfully as well.

For the perfect way to wrap up your meal, order our in-house beignets covered in a delightful dusting of powdered sugar! Here at Boudreaux’s, we truly love sharing authentic Southern meals with our guests. Come have a good time at 29249 US Hwy 98 in Daphne, and enjoy the best Cajun and Creole food on the Gulf Coast. Bon Temps from the Bayou!