The Best Seafood Dishes at Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill: From Shrimp to Crawfish

The Best Seafood Dishes at Boudreaux's Cajun Grill: From Shrimp to Crawfish

If you’re a seafood enthusiast residing in Daphne, Alabama, or planning a visit to the area, Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill is a must-visit culinary destination. Nestled in the heart of Daphne, our restaurant is renowned for serving up delectable Cajun and Creole cuisine, with a special focus on mouthwatering seafood dishes. We invite you to explore the tantalizing world of seafood at Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill, as we showcase some of our best-loved seafood offerings.

Shrimp Creole

Experience the fiery delight of our Shrimp Creole at Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill. Succulent shrimp are expertly sautéed in a Spicy Creole Tomato Sauce, creating a tantalizing explosion of flavors. Served with rice, this dish is a true Cajun favorite that will leave you craving for more.

Blackened Redfish

For those seeking a true taste of the Gulf Coast, our Blackened Redfish is an absolute must-try. This dish features a generous portion of fresh, locally sourced redfish filet, seasoned with our secret blend of spices and seared to perfection. The result is a tender and flaky fish with a crispy exterior that provides a delightful contrast of textures. Served with your choice of sides, the Blackened Redfish promises an unforgettable seafood experience.

Bayou Gumbo 

Indulge in the rich flavors of Louisiana with our signature Bayou Gumbo at Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill. This beloved Cajun classic features plump shrimp, succulent crab meat and smoky andouille sausage, all simmered to perfection in a savory roux broth. Each spoonful of our Bayou Gumbo delivers an authentic taste of Louisiana’s culinary heritage.

Crawfish Étouffée

If you’re a fan of crawfish, our Crawfish Étouffée is sure to satisfy your cravings. This beloved Cajun dish features crawfish tails smothered in a rich and velvety sauce, made from a delightful blend of onions, peppers and aromatic spices. The result is a creamy and indulgent dish that highlights the unique flavor profile of crawfish. 

When it comes to the best seafood dishes in Daphne, Alabama, Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill stands out as a culinary gem. From the fiery Cajun Shrimp Etouffee to the delicate Blackened Redfish, our menu boasts an array of seafood options that will transport your taste buds straight to the Gulf Coast. Whether you’re a local seafood enthusiast or a visitor looking for an authentic Cajun dining experience, Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill is the place to be. Join us at our restaurant, located at 29249 US HWY 98 Daphne, AL, or visit our website to explore our full menu and immerse yourself in the flavors of Louisiana. Bon appétit!