How to pick the perfect romantic dining spot in Daphne, AL

romantic dining spot

Restaurants are slowly opening back up again now that the pandemic has moved forward with phases, this means you and your partner are long overdue for a romantic dinner. Going on a date night, anniversary celebration or a “just because”? We are here to help you pick the perfect spot in Daphne, AL

Location is everything

Finding good romantic dining starts off with a great location. When you search on the internet, it may come up as a numerical list starting from the nearest location to you to the farthest. Although local is most convenient, you are never guaranteed a truly romantic experience. You will want to look for the restaurant’s photo gallery (if applicable) or read reviews to get a general idea of the atmosphere. Sometimes, it might be worth the drive into the city. Take for instance Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill located in Daphne, where the location is right on the eastern shoreline of Mobile Bay. 

Make sure it has a view 

Romantic dining spots that have a view are usually seen as hidden gems. They add to an elevated experience and make for a great photo opp. Decorations and lighting also help set the mood. The most popular and romantic views couples enjoy the most consist of waterfront settings, mountains or woodland greenery. 

Go during sunset hours

Sunset hours make for the best romantic dining times. You get to watch mother nature unfold while relaxing and sipping on your favorite drink. Outdoor patios and decks usually provide a cabana and fireplace for those unexpected rainfalls or chilly nights. Ask the staff about sunset hours as time zones may vary. 

Look out for indulging drinks and dessert menu items 

Nothing beats a romantic dinner more than indulging in delicious food, drinks and decadent dessert menu items. Ingredients like dark chocolate-inspired cocktails, warm comfort food made from fresh seafood or a cajun spice dish for that added kick will have anyone’s pallet mouthwatering. Juicy and meaty steaks with a creamy side of mashed potatoes are also a classic for romantic food pairings. 

RSVP for a romantic dining experience at the Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill in Daphne, AL by calling us at (251) 621-1991. Sit alongside the Mobile Bay waterfront as you soak in the sunset while you sip and dine on fan-favorite cuisines. Our friendly staff will accommodate your guests as much as possible.