5 Crowd Favorites from Boudreaux’s You Have to Try

5 Crowd Favorites From Boudreaux’s You Have To Try

When we start talking Cajun, we mean it! Because here in Mobile Bay, no one leaves without trying one of our crowd’s favorite dishes. In fact, they are so popular, we decided to never take them off the menu. Now, we do not know who needs to hear this, but here’s to the ones that made it to the top five. 

  1. Crawfish Cakes

Picture this: decadent crawfish cakes (made up of fresh crawfish tails) laying on a bed of fried green tomato and topped with a creamy Bayou sauce for just the perfect amount of kick. Need we say more? It would not have been possible if it was not for our in the house side dish of gluten free coleslaw. Truly, a refreshing Louisiana original. 

  1. Mardi Gras Pasta

This dish takes New Orleans to a whole nother level. Not only is it in the name, but it gives you the seafood flavor you want in a pasta along with a creole feel with vegetables and sauce. The thin angel hair pasta makes it a fun bite with added sauteed crawfish tails, sweet red, peppers, mushrooms and artichoke hearts to name a few. Feel free to add a side of our classic salad, soup or red beans to the mix. And do not forget the New Orleans toasted french bread, it makes all the difference! 

  1. Smothered Catfish

If you are not ordering something fried, you are doing it wrong! You see, we fry up catfish and smother it with crawfish etouffee over a bed of rice with a side of braised collars to give it that homestyle soul food feel. No need to be shy here, order up!

  1. Blackened Catfish

We included gluten-free dishes to our menu, but this one by far takes the win. We use fresh blackened catfish and cook it to perfection then top it off with shrimp mardi gras cream sauce over a bed of rice. The two types of seafood compliment each other while giving you that crunch from the sauteed green beans. 

  1. Crawfish Etouffee 

For those that can stand the heat, we wanted to bring you a cajun specialty. It is hard to not resist our spicy crawfish etouffee and crawfish tails with rice and fried crawfish. Others might call it daring, we say go big or go home. Afterall, when was the last time you experienced Lousianna cuisine so close to home?

Ready to try one of these crowd favorites made fresh on the grill? Make a reservation for a dining experience like no other in the Gulf Coast area. Featuring live music and drinks that wow, Boudreaux Cajun Grill is the place to be.