3 Best Meals That Come With Crawfish!

3 best meals that come with crawfish - boudreauxs

If you had to live the rest of your life eating only one type of shellfish, which would you choose? Personally, I’d have to say crawfish! Crawfish season is by far the best season, and, whether it be eating crawfish by itself or enjoying it in a favorable dish, crawfish is versatile and delicious no matter how it is prepared. Over the years, I’ve loved going to Boudreaux’s to taste the fun new ways the chefs prepare it. Of course, there are a thousand delicious ways they could serve this shellfish, but there are three dishes I love revisiting. 

Crawfish Etouffee

Crawfish etouffee is a classic Louisiana dish with fresh crawfish tails, herbs and spices covered in a homemade buttery, rich and intensely flavorful sauce. Nothing beats the taste of freshly caught crawfish from the Gulf of Mexico. The chefs at Boudreaux’s love preparing this dish as it makes customers happy, bringing us pride and joy. It is served with rice to complement the spice of the classic roux-based sauce. Crawfish etouffee is a filling dish perfect for any day of the year. 

Crawfish Cakes

It is often said that leftovers inspire a myriad of clever dishes. Such was true for the discovery of the crab cake, as chefs began to use leftovers from crawfish boils to create cakes that would fulfill your hunger and steal your heart. Classic, spicy, Louisiana-inspired crab cakes at Boudreaux’s strike the perfect balance between filler and crawfish. With the inside filled with tender crawfish, the crisp outside is composed of breadcrumbs and mayo. Topped with lump crab and paired with world-famous bayou sauce and fried green tomatoes, these crawfish cakes will have you asking for seconds. 

Boudreaux’s Seafood Platter

If you’ve lived on the Gulf Coast, what is one thing you noticed no one could get enough of? If you answered seafood or sweet tea, you’re correct. While Boudreaux’s serves classic southern sweet tea, the real specialty is seafood and lots of it! Since opening, Boudreaux’s has decided to add the seafood platter to the menu for those who wish to enjoy all the Gulf has to offer. The Boudreaux’s seafood platter includes shrimp, crawfish tails, catfish and crawfish cakes. With so much included, the platter is the perfect dish to share on a date night or, if ordered for one, provides leftovers for a delicious lunch the next day. 

Crawfish is truly a versatile shellfish, as it can be eaten on its own or used to add a unique flavor to classic cajun dishes. Now that my argument for why crawfish is the best shellfish is complete, I feel as if I must ask: what is your favorite shellfish? 

Boudreaux’s is a one-of-a-kind dining experience along the Gulf Coast. Located in Daphne, Alabama, Boudreaux’s serves flavorful Louisiana cuisine that is proven to leave customers in awe. If the food at Boudreaux’s does not, then the view of Mobile Bay is bound to. There is truly something special about this cajun grill, and I’ll forever recommend it to anyone who will listen. To order online, look at a menu, or seek answers to questions, please look online at the Boudreaux’s website.