Try the Best Side Dishes at Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill!

side dishes

At Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill in Daphne, Alabama, we spend just as much time and care crafting the perfect side dishes as we do when creating our famous entrèes. Our side dishes are anything but an afterthought. We have carefully and thoughtfully chosen dishes that complement and enhance each main course that we have to offer. By creating sides that pair well with the main dish, we are providing our customers with an unforgettable and incomparable dining experience. No matter which side you choose, we guarantee you’ll be coming back for more!

Our Toasted New Orleans Bread is a filling and delicious option, pairing well with any dish you choose and keeping you satisfied throughout your meal.

Come join us and pick out a good ole cajun appetizer that is sure to wow! There’s something for the whole table, as each option is perfect for sharing – or not, we don’t judge!

Our delicious Spinach & Artichoke Dip is rich, creamy and always a crowd favorite. This side is also served with crisp, fried Pita Chips. 

Our Swamp Cakes are to die for! These fried Boudin Cakes topped with Crab and Spinach Cream Sauce are so unforgettable, you’ll want to take some to-go! 

Thibodeaux’s Pimento Cheese is another flavorful option and is served with crunchy Toast Points.

Boudreaux’s Egg Rolls with Blackened Chicken, Corn Macque Choux and Cheese with Court Bouillon is a mouthwatering option that will have you craving them for weeks after enjoying them.

Our Kickin’ Crawfish is a seafood lover’s must-have, and includes Fried Crawfish Tails tossed in our Zydeco Sauce over Coleslaw. You can also make it Kickin’ Shrimp at no extra charge. 

Stuffed Pistolettes, which are New Orleans French Rolls stuffed with Crawfish Macque Choux, flash-fried, and Bayou Sauce, are another appetizer you have to try.

Our savory Blackened Gator is served over rice with tangy and flavorful remoulade. 

If you are looking to cut some carbs, you should definitely try the Boudreaux’s Side Salad. You can pick your own flavorful dressing from the following: Creamy Basil Dressing, Balsamic Reduct or Bleu Cheese Dressing.

What about those of us who are looking for a diet-free or cheat night meal? Get our Fried Green Tomatoes that are screaming “summertime!” 

We understand how important gluten-free options are to many of our valued customers. That’s why at Boudreaux’s, we offer a long list of incredible gluten-free items to choose from.

You have not had coleslaw until you’ve tried Boudreaux’s! Our Coleslaw is made with the perfect amount of sweetness to prepare you for your cajun dinner.

Corn Macque Choux, a perfect dish for corn lovers. 

Low in calories, yet high in flavor, our Green Beans are long and natural, and are always a fresh and classic option.

If you love mashed potatoes, our Loaded Mash will be your new favorite side. These mashed potatoes come with onions, cheddar cheese and are topped with bacon for the perfect flavor.

Looking to add some kick to your regular order of fries? Our Cajun Cheese Fries, which are a kick of cajun with Tasso Cheese Sauce and Tasso Bits, are perfect for you.

You have to try our Grit Cake, which you can get in either Sweet or Spicy flavors.

Another healthy option is our Braised Greens, which are a local favorite with the right amount of sweet heat. 

If our other healthy options weren’t your style, these Sautéed Veggies will be your new favorite! These veggies are chopped to fit in one savory bite at a time.

Our classic Mashed Potatoes can be perfectly paired with our Chicken Madeleine. 

If you’re in the mood for some fries, our Season Fries have a cajun flavor that can’t be beaten!

Among one of our most well-loved side dishes is our Red Beans & Rice. This dish is beautifully topped with a perfectly sized scoop of rice, this side dish will give you the perfect amount of cajun, soul food satisfaction. 
Here at Boudreaux’s, we want you to have a memorable dining experience that will have you coming back for more. Branch out from your typical choice of side item and try something new at Boudreaux’s today! You can also check out our full menu at for the rest of our delicious items! We hope to see you soon.