How to Plan a Celebration at Boudreaux’s

How to Plan a Celebration at Boudreaux’s

Whether you are planning a birthday celebration for a friend or you’re looking to have a large get-together with your closest friends and family members, Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill is the perfect place to be. Enjoy a wide range of authentically Cajun options while looking out onto the beautiful Gulf of Mexico – the setting is perfect for entertaining others and creating memories that last. If you are looking to plan your next celebration at Boudreaux’s, we have you covered.

Plan Attendees

The first step in planning your celebration at Boudreaux’s is to decide how many people you are planning to invite. The size of your party is important information to keep in mind as we can accommodate based on size. For example, our maximum walk-in party is currently 20 individuals. Currently, private rooms are not available, but please contact us with any questions about catering services. 

Choose a Time

From both the day of the week down to the time of day, it is important to plan what time you would like your celebration to begin. If you are going for a brunch, we offer delicious options on Sunday mornings starting at 10 am. These options include specialty drinks like our Southern Belle and Front Porch Nectar – two drinks bursting with citrus flavor. For dinner, we offer all your cajun favorites on the menu.

Customized Menu

For special events and group celebrations, we happily offer specialized menus. Make sure you take a close look at all our amazing options before your event in order to carefully curate the menu you’d like to have for that special day.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is essential in order to ensure your party is accounted for. Make sure you plan in advance before you show up, as you are not guaranteed a private area for your party. While we are not currently taking reservations, the best time to arrive is between 3:00-5:00. You will experience the least amount of wait time, so you can enjoy your meal exactly when you want. However, keep in mind that large parties can wait up to 2 hours.

Plan Preferred Seating Area

At Boudreaux’s, we offer options for dining inside or outside. We have a large party room as well as a new deck with plenty of space for your whole group. The outdoor deck allows you to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Mobile Bay while enjoying your meal cooked to perfection, and the indoor seating option allows you to enjoy our wonderful restaurant decorations. You cannot go wrong with either option, as you get the same views and atmosphere indoors as you do outside, so choose whatever is best for you!

Getting ready for your next big event? Ready to plan a celebration at Boudreaux’s? We’re happy to help! Call us today at 251-621-1991.